Which Cars Comply?

The emission rule that will be introduced at the end of the year will eliminate all the emission 2 digit codes so only cars with three digit emission codes can be imported eg DBA etc so most Japanese brand petrol cars are from 2005 and Diesels from 2007, there a few exceptions with a few 2004 with the correct codes and some euro brands which were only given the triple digit code in 2007, please see the examples below.  

 The car below is a pass in all respects DBA for the emission code, grade 4, B grade for the interior and a few small marks on the exterior.















This car below passes the emission rule but has been in an accident and has been repaired so should be not considered.















This one below is a no no not even considered useless you are a wrecking yard as it is a accident repaired car and does not comply this the Jan 2011 emission rule!!!!!!!!















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