The Process

Step1 Register Free Click here to register and start the process to buy your new car in a new innovative way that alloys you the choice of thousands of cars daily & will save you money
  Step 2 Browse the auctions
Our free auction access allows you to browse thousands of cars every day in Japan. You will be able to view cars from 30  plus different auction houses throughout Japan, with more then 100,000 cars on offer every week.
  Step 3 Choose your car
When you find a car you like and would like to place a bid. Register on our site and we will send you a bidding agreement. After this is completed and return it, we can place bids on as many cars as you would like. There is no fee to bid!
. Step 4 Car Purchase
If we buy the car under your maximum bid amount you've specified, that is all you will pay! We have integrated a bidding calculator to our auction page, so you can easily work out your max landed price. No extra costs at all!
  Step 5 Re-inspection & payment
As soon as the car is purchased we will invoice you for the cost of the car and shipping (around 80% of the full landed cost). We then arrange transport, export inspections and photographs by our agents to confirm the condition and arrange Speedo verification.
  Step 6 Shipping
After payment is received your car will be put on the next available ship. It then takes approximately 3 weeks for the ship to travel from Japan to N.Z. Your car will be 100% insured during this time!
  Step 7 Compliance
Once the car arrives at your nearest port, we will invoice you for the balance, it will be transported to the local compliance centre where it will be thoroughly inspected and issued a brand new WOF.
  Step 8 Collect Your Car
Once the car has passed compliance, it will be cleaned and ready for registration, making you the first NZ owner.Congratulation on your new Car