Bidding Agreement

I agree to pay all costs incurred to have this vehicle imported to NZ up to the Maximum Landed Cost as specified below. Payment will be made in two amounts:

1  The vehicle cost plus export charges and shipping (CIF)within 3 days of successful bid.
2  The balance on confirmation of the vehicles arrival in NZ.

Possession of the vehicle will remain with Le Mans Cars until full payments have been made. In the case that I fail to make these payment obligations, I authorize Le Mans Cars to use the deposit I have paid towards the costs reselling the car.
*We guarantee to have your car ready for registration in NZ within your maximum cost, subject only to exchange rate fluctuations between purchase date and payment date.

Note: Before we place a bid on any vehicle, we have our agents check the condition of the car and will contact you to confirm bid.

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Max Drive Away Cost (NZ$):

Deposit To Be Made To Our Account

Or please go to our Online Store to pay your refundable (if you don't purchase a car) by Credit Card.


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