2014 Nissan cube in Bellevue WA

by Craig on 23/04/2015

At Eastside Auto Credit , our long-standing customers know us a dependable source of used pre owned vehicles, like this Nissan cube 4 Door Wagon , conveniently located in Bellevue, Washington…

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Sebo December 14, 2015 at 7:51 pm

6b3Hi there,Wow! What a discussion you’ve poteprmd! What I don’t see in the responses are many perspectives from customers. The way to combat price is by offering quality. I cannot stress this enough. Quality quality quality. This is what is missing from today’s mass produced marketplace, and is a niche to be filled by skilled and talented craftspersons. Make products to last (as opposed to designed for the dump), make products from eco-friendly sustainable materials (as opposed to cheap), and share your story. I support businesses that work towards a triple bottom line: profit, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. Corporate culture cannot address these three priorities as well as small business and individual artists, so make that a feature. I am willing to pay up to 5x more for products made under this premise, and I do (often). The amazing things I buy from craftpersons on etsy are prized pieces in my wardrobe and home, I treat them with respect and I cherish them. I feel good about support a real person, about the materials used, and because its made to last I keep it 10x longer than the mass produced crap Hold on It costs 5x more but last 10x longer? I just made my investment back! These are investment pieces: while they cost more upfront it ends up saving me money in the long term. Make your stuff well and responsibly and be sure to communicate where the value comes from. People like me will buy it.

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